Sunday, 27 June 2010

old man.

The men are old.
Their views have changed
They look to preserve
What has been done. a lot.
but they have not written me out.
Time will tell. I will rise, and they will fall.
And we will change, and grow,
and in time, be able to find, a quiet moment
to go.

Monday, 14 June 2010


If the right people come at the right time, bring their best music and nice wine, drinking the right amount i'll be intertwined with good friends who never walk the line, watching the stretched-out coke lines infect my fragile mind, everyone complimenting me like "this sofa's such a find" "you've got a nice smile" and "this must be a sign" if you're twenty one and in your prime no doubt to become in line for a girl who's fine, get a high five from a guy with a watch that shines, if i can get this party off the ground I'll make this night mine, all i need to do is wait for that doorbell to chime. The doorbell to chime.