Friday, 31 July 2009

The way you wear your heart

And something about the way you wear your heart

It makes me want to put paper to pen

While something inside me says I know I’ll never win

But god help me, he knows I’ll try and try again

Because every time I look into those eyes, I want to be more than just a friend

Though you can only depend,

On someone who can repent

And I have only a joke, no helping hand to lend

So for a carrier pigeon, better yet a dove, go send

For a man who knows how to love and not pretend

And I call you on no bluff, from here on in these words in your honour, end.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

demons do

it's a long road of hope
and i should know
as i got on a long time ago
looking for a way to cope
with all the demons refusing to let go

demons have teeth that thrash, bite
long as forearms shine brighter than
thunder biting on harder than any
komodo dragon

demons have eyes that follow you
from when to now till eternity
they burn your future and highlight
the past brighter than a cyclops
optic blast

demons can create jealousy from
the sound of a received text message
or even a playful giggle; creating anger
towards an ignorant stranger

You will never be rid of these demons
so get to know them well
'fore you're slowly devoured
lost inside a personal hell.

keep your eyes on the road
do not stray and let demons have their way
keep moving till the end
remember no matter how far away
you always have a friend...

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Facebook status

She shouts to her friends as she straightens her hair
She makes a point to look like she cares
Tight skirt high heels sparkling lip gloss
Got in free ‘cos she knows the club boss
You’d think she was hollow
That mask of make-up hides her sorrow
She travels from a tragedy long ago.

Friday, 24 July 2009

an aside.

pit pat... pitter patter...
The rain always falls and it...
(rain wont fall on the                  doesn't
mountain top that's why            seem
rain never fell up                         to
but travelling the mountain        matter
is lonely as fuck.)

Friday, 10 July 2009


credits stroll down a screen
i get the gist of it was a comedy i was seein'
the feelin' of laughter
beats within. veins pump humour
that's why my wits so sharp- I sweat out
bad jokes though each breathe
doth release camden stress,
my comedy
it's in extra oxygen and it's foolish t' be stubborn
to believe heartache is something I could make money from-
"Hey sean how are your sad poems going?
They'll make you go FARRRRR!" (hurm)
comedy is the one way ticket to stardom
run run run!
just keep me going an i i know theres no slowing
'n im trying im really god fuck me im going as fast as
i- im not a beatnik i swear
im keeping it real down here
im Oh-oh-honest honestly to my lord saviour my god
my bill- ghostbusting groundhog day bill murray my god
my master my jerry seinfeld my one and only true saviour
the only one my mr Richard Pryor, I--
will one day become looked upon like i see all o you
and help someone in my place
with what he or she will be going through
like tom cru help me help you so i can help them get through

see how im nice like that?

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

What to do what to do...

Promise the heavens you'll love her forever
But does forever end when she finds another?
watching his arm shield, protect and hook over
taking for granted that palm in his like you never
your neck wants to carry your head away but your feet
your feet cannot move because they know your
knees are weak. and you smile and nod because
it's impossible to speak, just a crackle and creek.

The love consumes all until it's all you are
Which means hiding a complete self when seeing her
hoping she can't tell it's putting you through hell
you're hiding that beautiful inner romantic
all these wonderful things and you can't tell her about it
because if you love someone, there's a need to see them happy
no matter how much it hurts you,
their pleasure makes the pain worth going through

Sometimes you wonder if you're just playing a martyr
other times you don't know if the pain can get pushed any further
and the rest of the time you pray to be stronger
so you can see her pretty face again.
Promise the heavens you'll love her forever
do you love her enough to never tell her?