Monday, 21 November 2011

Five kisses.

Okay Alexandra, here is my poem to you

I'm surprised we haven't met yet
I'm surprised we're meeting at all
I'm surprised by how comfortable I feel
I like a lot of things about you
and have been struggling with this poem
because that'd mean I'd have to say them
I thought I had confirmed your affections
when you told me you LOVED one of my poems
but was less confident when you said you also loved
Louboutin red bottoms, iMessaging for iPhones
the Twilight films, and selfridges christmas shop windows
Love is only a word, but words are my world
and your world interests me so understandably
i listen to your words very carefully,
I find it easier to embrace your hate for children
and joke about them on our text support rush hour mornings
as hate can lead to cut off arms
but only love can break your heart.

and right now this poem is just becoming a piece on love.

and not about us.
But what is "us"?
we're two people who have reached out
and found out we're worth checking out.
it's relaxed and its' nice
my poetry is awkward and melodramatic
hence you waiting what seems like ages,
like when i waited for the phone to ring
the first time you called me
it was, again, relaxed and nice
surprising as how comfortable it is
and how I'm weirdly writing a poem about it
but why not, what i find most surprising
is that this feels like a beginning
and knowing what weight the word brings
I love that you love things
and I love iMessaging you in the mornings and
I'd love to see you in louie buton red bottoms
and I'd love to go to the cinema with you,
preferably wouldn't love a twilight film though.
i find it healthy that you took an interest in me
the same time i started liking me.
so there's a poem for you Alexandra Gideon.
my future second penguin.