Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A piece from an OLLLLD notebook.

Trying to keep a semblance of normality
when you couldn't be further from it
looking at your attempt
is one of the funniest things on this planet
did you embrace the change or runaway?
and how many people will it take
to ask if you're okay before you realise-
you're really not. When your stop comes
and you beg for one more stop
but you've got to get off
you've got to move
because what was then
not being what is now
doesn't mean you're not
the same dude
it just means you've got
some shit to go through.
I know this because
I've been through it too.
One day you're going to be me
and every room you'll walk in
you'll be able to suss
the wankers from those
you can trust.