Friday, 13 September 2013

On the Brimstone.

the brimstone ballet.
the timid proud one.
Opposites magnetised to build tension.
Camden town council flats
next to Mornington crescent mansions.
Another London contradiction.
Two drinks in. Ten minutes from temptation.
Find a religion. Some sort of tradition.
Learn to stop the repetition. 
Nothing if not London.
Did she fall out of love with me or was it the city I lived in.
Every time we get together a part of me goes missing.

It used to be my world.

Now it's a monument to a world she's not in.
Tomorrow and a year ago.
From so far to go to the end of the road.
All on the same road.

Better off without that load.
Some cards I can't show.
Some looks I can't put into words.
Some rules aren't within laws. 
That's why he's not my mate anymore

dance another day in the brimstone ballet

The timid proud one.
Camden town council flats
Mornington crescent mansions
More London contradictions
Personalised number plates on Honda Civics.
Suped up mopeds forever revving up.
A city divided into islands.
Stripped shirt bankers on the backs Rickshaw drivers.
Soho nights with a Sober mind.
Playing Watch the throne on the back of a bus from a mobile phone.
I was Stuck in a Cricklewood crew.
The world seemed so small. Even from a kite hill view.
I knew I could do anything if I could just know what to do
At fourteen I heard, you can have the whole world, or be satisfied with the boulevard.
at school we'd shout "mine" when we'd see nice cars

but all of us were quiet when the big Bentley drove past.
I've spent years trying to break that silence
Wanting an even better life than what had been provided.
I was always telling myself, it was going to get better
you know who you is? You the greatest -something- ever.
I mean, always knew school didn't matter.
Grown with a resentment towards those who belittle others.
You know, Not the sharpest tool in the box.
Because I'm not a tool. 
I'm boxed in. I'm not in the box.
Not the brightest spark.
I don't need to be bright for you to get sparked.
Cussed. Cursed.
They can call you what they want.
Just know you never stopped.
Crawl when you can't walk
Scream when you can't talk
Dream when you can't sleep
Simple rhymes for complex times
write lines to make the complex simplified
This simple mind could be a gift of mine.