Sunday, 27 September 2009

Sun 2.

Now in endless nights i pray

for the endless lies to go away

know our endless cries do say

go for endless heights all day

show our endless might in fray

we'll enter endless fights as prey

then leave endless knights to lay

mow down endless guys at bay

so cool endless lights shine away

grow as endless hi's come our way

flow like endless byes in today

those poor endless lives of grey

hose my endless gripes with nay

hoes are endless types but can't play

though the endless nights do stay

hopes-sprung endless tights contain all yay

low her endless pipes upon this hay

so for endless love i just may

Saturday, 26 September 2009


you where my day
then you up and left
my warmth drifted away
and became a star
now in endless night i pray
that the burn out from afar
will fall once more
and come round my way

get my back if it was ever fair
hold my heart if i was ever near!!

Monday, 21 September 2009

damaged good

A: what's it about?
B: it's a poem about a girl with damaged goods.
A: uh, what's it called?
B: Damaged goods.
A: right.
B: see, the poem says she has damaged goods, and i should help her, but really i don't. I damage the damaged goods!
A: it's like a twist
B: it is a twist. I use a lot of italics too. like im gonna damage her goods because they're good damaged goods. pretty much every time i write the word good, I italic it. for effect.
A: that sounds good.
B: ha! really?
A: no.

Damaged Goods

she's more than good
im attracted to her goods
they're damaged goods
but good damaged goods
and she believes i would
and it's possible i could
take damage from her goods
as she has never met a dude
who ever does her any good
granted now way am I that good
and i realize i really should
do something pretty good
for the good damaged goods
but she hasn't understood
my personality wears a hood
I'm truly here for her goods
they make me feel totally good
im taking good from her goods
she'll no longer have damaged goods
she'll only be damaged, good.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Still Brook

Don't get too high girl
you're only pretty at night
when the moon is out.
(come to me)

you're acting surprised
but the truth is
we all know
(its never real)

what do you see
a man that has given
yeah, i gave it all
(too much, never enough)

many girls are better,
all of them nicer
but only a few are prettier
(that's why she's mine)

but only in the moonlight
only in the moonlight
only in the moonlight girl
(come to me)

she can smoke her lungs out
i decide to watch and chuckle
who'll go first?
(death before me)

sex is more frequent with others
but its mediocre fucking
with her we... make..
(eye contact, smiles)

truth is she'd see me
and i wish to see her
isn't that enough?
(if you're sixteen, yeah)

realize im not into politics
especially street ones
who likes you she likes who
(now i hate you all)

feel the anonymity
walking under my hood
no one knows you're pretty
(doesn't it feel good?)

now we talk about escaping
but the truth is
we both know
(it's not real. never)

walking from greenpoint
back to kilburn
only difference being a mood
(In a mood? no in london)

the girls are nicer here
maybe im friendly here
because i've changed this year
(for the better, always)

she looked good
but only in the moonlight
was she mine
(come to me)

Friday, 18 September 2009


rag-tag motherfuckin' crazy bitch-kick-ass dude in a way not unlike cassius clay he'd fight harder than any-b anybody like hi fly butterfly you're about to meet yo maker what's the stake in yer never have i fought only for sport have i fought as a retort to my fathers support of newsarama comicbookresourcesdotcom come harder than some for fiction meaning the new day has dawned bruv, im merkin it mate never too late walking out a barber shop got a nike cut at the back but it was wack more like an half-eaten snack wispa crackerjack nick nack paddy's back on attack im ILL no support from anyone but STILL keeping it true bringing it back to you subliminal thoughts right now is all i can DO as the ones above preach the ones below to kill all that do not flow through my bow shooting truth towards my deciples who are also my PEEPOLES! letting them know they don't have to look through key holes as there are loopholes to love and making money can come easily if you think like me if your name is sean but spelt differently you can be like jay z like big pimpin spend the G that's the song thats been furthest away form me because mayyyyyyyyyyn im the only dude that's walked a righteous path in this promise layyyynd and in two years i guarantee this skinny white boy is gonna (I'm gonna) be in goddamn DEMAND so im so hot wave a fan better yet become my fan right click this link and make it your facebook status left click and be a follower and if you're thick then dont give a shit and read this shit until i stop making this rhyme and give up and admit- im a liar. im not a poet writer or actor im doing these things but im truly not anything im a simple faker. what am i doing here? im making yhou read so fast so you don't go slow and look really into how im intoe with the medioc uhhhhh kids my age didn't i once write a poem about being the last sage in lokis maze was i really so ahead in those days i guess i suppose i'll never tell you i know because once i do i wont be suprised and life would have given me it's very last ride but fuck it at least i can look back and say I TRIED.


she was a brooklyn babe
he was a camden kid
she keeps it ghetto
yet rocks it hard
he buys what he likes
tries to look comfortable
by being comfortable
like that ever works
he's a poet and

feels bad
for trying to confine
her beauty to a rhyme.

he's looking for the right words.
but can't find them
he's too busy looking at her.
she stops talking.
he gazes for a split second
and mentally jumps saying
"yeah!" fuck. damn. weak man,
weak. sunset upon the dirtiest river
and an orange reflection
somehow compliments her
to the left the sun then sleeps
to the right the street lamp beams
and order is restored
and just like that
he's in love again.
and he can tell
she isn't.
and fuck. she's reading this
and i know my life
is as real as it gets

no way was it- this... or.. that. there was no hint.
im not sure. im always so scared of swimming deep again
right after recovering from my last dive into that river.
because all rivers of love lead to that great sea of pain.
and i promised not to feel hurt again.
i wish i could trust myself.
maybe i should write 'do not cut' on the inside of my arm
to advertise others a history of self harm.
yet i feel more at home in hurt and feel a fear of being calm.
because im embarrassed to feel relaxed when im so far way
from the riches. the riches.

not a word has been changed. this is me. this is sean mahoney. pure and true. im putting myself out there
for all of you. just so you can learn, know

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

get it got it good

the mass would never understand
how the myth eats at my soul
who could ever lend their hand
to warriors who never had control?
hold the cig
and relight
just to fire your night

the masses could never get it
how we journeymen always roll on
wading through the worlds bullshit
so at the end honour shall come
chinky chink
to one more drink
lets numb what we think

like you could ever know me
those lips wont get you closer
i know you deserve an apology
only can i belong to our leveller
another stop
another place
keep running to my endless race

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


it was a whole other problem
when i dealt with the long haired woman
never did i believe she'd become a baton
but sure enough, as we ran along
i passed her on.

Monday, 14 September 2009

see saw

I see so
I saw the fall.

To hurt back

Or feel at all.

cried out

but it never shows.

the rush from my dear

no one knows

bleeding my soul

flows as London grows

a sacrifice so small

and it gives deja vu

of that time I talked to you

When my smile was so wide

though you said there was pain in my eyes

and after three more drinks I confessed

the depression was becoming harder to hide

as it was becoming that not much else was inside

You saw so

I let myself fall

to be the dream

we should have seen

now reality is abstract

watching my friends

be all these animals

that have turned on thou

yes, now the dogs growl

vultures nestle

wolfs hide and

eagles glide

I. always. run.

and turn side-on (wide)

have the wave drag

me with the rip tide

swim along the coast

towards the woman

who loves me most.

And that was her, my lady by the bar

she promised me a world of marionettes

She'll pull every string so i'll know what happens next

and her heart will be mine. so everything will be... fine.

as the woman leaned in to kiss, i told her this

I sincerely hope one day

you meet a guy

Who loves you

the way you love me

And I hope

that the two of you

will be happy

But smiling alone

has become a task

My love is something

you shouldn’t ask

damn i was angry

How could i have gotten it so wrong?
Glad i see it now but why did it take so long?
to think i saw love in you when acting
like it's a privilege talking to the chosen few
well good sir, fuck you
farewell my lady, fuck you too
if thats the way you treat a dude
i don't want nothin' to do with you
because where before i thought
in this game you decided to hide
turns out there really isn't much inside
just argh just no just leave me alone
please just go. don't talk to me anymore
if you see me walking by don't
don't you even reach for more and don't
think what im asking is what i was asking for
so if you look for me babe too late im out the door
and if it's what you want to know is if you get more
i think not dude it's all dead to the floor.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

after this life, during yours

when the wings come
I'll do something for you
In front those brown marbles I'll fly
beyond the reflection of your eye
above the towers and sky
past the moon n' sat-n' jupiter
I'll find a star out there that suits yer

should i forge that star
into a ring, if you want a
proclamation of love ting?
better yet lets keep it safe
and place it in a dream
there you'll have a guide
when riding that astral plane
forging better memories
from whence you came

music i guess

i treat your body better than i do mine
i grew up in rainy weather while yours
is divine sun-kissed sublime still fighting
for a piece of your time trying my best lines
re-drafting back-breaking heart-aching-rhymes
until another takes my time, silly dame
never could the bitch be mine, in my brain,
to love another, it'd be a crime, I take aim
at any woman who prepares to give love,
i shall take your tokens, emotions and rings
make em my tings where now once, anothers
maybe an ex who gave them away when he used be
believing in lovers was he loved by another? worn
denim means he was once warm an'im thinking colder
makes me regret giving you my favourite jumper.
I mean, where is my cover? (to show, for me,
how far you will go?)none of you will know, but i will.
its hidin Alicia Keys choruses, and Jay-Z's verses.

so lets hear it for new york.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

way back.

before the hurt
before the anger
before the betrayl
before the love
before the kiss
before the laugh
before the look
there is no doubt
before the dance
you where shook.