Sunday, 20 September 2009

Still Brook

Don't get too high girl
you're only pretty at night
when the moon is out.
(come to me)

you're acting surprised
but the truth is
we all know
(its never real)

what do you see
a man that has given
yeah, i gave it all
(too much, never enough)

many girls are better,
all of them nicer
but only a few are prettier
(that's why she's mine)

but only in the moonlight
only in the moonlight
only in the moonlight girl
(come to me)

she can smoke her lungs out
i decide to watch and chuckle
who'll go first?
(death before me)

sex is more frequent with others
but its mediocre fucking
with her we... make..
(eye contact, smiles)

truth is she'd see me
and i wish to see her
isn't that enough?
(if you're sixteen, yeah)

realize im not into politics
especially street ones
who likes you she likes who
(now i hate you all)

feel the anonymity
walking under my hood
no one knows you're pretty
(doesn't it feel good?)

now we talk about escaping
but the truth is
we both know
(it's not real. never)

walking from greenpoint
back to kilburn
only difference being a mood
(In a mood? no in london)

the girls are nicer here
maybe im friendly here
because i've changed this year
(for the better, always)

she looked good
but only in the moonlight
was she mine
(come to me)