Saturday, 12 September 2009

music i guess

i treat your body better than i do mine
i grew up in rainy weather while yours
is divine sun-kissed sublime still fighting
for a piece of your time trying my best lines
re-drafting back-breaking heart-aching-rhymes
until another takes my time, silly dame
never could the bitch be mine, in my brain,
to love another, it'd be a crime, I take aim
at any woman who prepares to give love,
i shall take your tokens, emotions and rings
make em my tings where now once, anothers
maybe an ex who gave them away when he used be
believing in lovers was he loved by another? worn
denim means he was once warm an'im thinking colder
makes me regret giving you my favourite jumper.
I mean, where is my cover? (to show, for me,
how far you will go?)none of you will know, but i will.
its hidin Alicia Keys choruses, and Jay-Z's verses.

so lets hear it for new york.