Monday, 14 September 2009

damn i was angry

How could i have gotten it so wrong?
Glad i see it now but why did it take so long?
to think i saw love in you when acting
like it's a privilege talking to the chosen few
well good sir, fuck you
farewell my lady, fuck you too
if thats the way you treat a dude
i don't want nothin' to do with you
because where before i thought
in this game you decided to hide
turns out there really isn't much inside
just argh just no just leave me alone
please just go. don't talk to me anymore
if you see me walking by don't
don't you even reach for more and don't
think what im asking is what i was asking for
so if you look for me babe too late im out the door
and if it's what you want to know is if you get more
i think not dude it's all dead to the floor.