Monday, 14 September 2009

see saw

I see so
I saw the fall.

To hurt back

Or feel at all.

cried out

but it never shows.

the rush from my dear

no one knows

bleeding my soul

flows as London grows

a sacrifice so small

and it gives deja vu

of that time I talked to you

When my smile was so wide

though you said there was pain in my eyes

and after three more drinks I confessed

the depression was becoming harder to hide

as it was becoming that not much else was inside

You saw so

I let myself fall

to be the dream

we should have seen

now reality is abstract

watching my friends

be all these animals

that have turned on thou

yes, now the dogs growl

vultures nestle

wolfs hide and

eagles glide

I. always. run.

and turn side-on (wide)

have the wave drag

me with the rip tide

swim along the coast

towards the woman

who loves me most.

And that was her, my lady by the bar

she promised me a world of marionettes

She'll pull every string so i'll know what happens next

and her heart will be mine. so everything will be... fine.

as the woman leaned in to kiss, i told her this

I sincerely hope one day

you meet a guy

Who loves you

the way you love me

And I hope

that the two of you

will be happy

But smiling alone

has become a task

My love is something

you shouldn’t ask