Friday, 18 September 2009


rag-tag motherfuckin' crazy bitch-kick-ass dude in a way not unlike cassius clay he'd fight harder than any-b anybody like hi fly butterfly you're about to meet yo maker what's the stake in yer never have i fought only for sport have i fought as a retort to my fathers support of newsarama comicbookresourcesdotcom come harder than some for fiction meaning the new day has dawned bruv, im merkin it mate never too late walking out a barber shop got a nike cut at the back but it was wack more like an half-eaten snack wispa crackerjack nick nack paddy's back on attack im ILL no support from anyone but STILL keeping it true bringing it back to you subliminal thoughts right now is all i can DO as the ones above preach the ones below to kill all that do not flow through my bow shooting truth towards my deciples who are also my PEEPOLES! letting them know they don't have to look through key holes as there are loopholes to love and making money can come easily if you think like me if your name is sean but spelt differently you can be like jay z like big pimpin spend the G that's the song thats been furthest away form me because mayyyyyyyyyyn im the only dude that's walked a righteous path in this promise layyyynd and in two years i guarantee this skinny white boy is gonna (I'm gonna) be in goddamn DEMAND so im so hot wave a fan better yet become my fan right click this link and make it your facebook status left click and be a follower and if you're thick then dont give a shit and read this shit until i stop making this rhyme and give up and admit- im a liar. im not a poet writer or actor im doing these things but im truly not anything im a simple faker. what am i doing here? im making yhou read so fast so you don't go slow and look really into how im intoe with the medioc uhhhhh kids my age didn't i once write a poem about being the last sage in lokis maze was i really so ahead in those days i guess i suppose i'll never tell you i know because once i do i wont be suprised and life would have given me it's very last ride but fuck it at least i can look back and say I TRIED.