Friday, 10 July 2009


credits stroll down a screen
i get the gist of it was a comedy i was seein'
the feelin' of laughter
beats within. veins pump humour
that's why my wits so sharp- I sweat out
bad jokes though each breathe
doth release camden stress,
my comedy
it's in extra oxygen and it's foolish t' be stubborn
to believe heartache is something I could make money from-
"Hey sean how are your sad poems going?
They'll make you go FARRRRR!" (hurm)
comedy is the one way ticket to stardom
run run run!
just keep me going an i i know theres no slowing
'n im trying im really god fuck me im going as fast as
i- im not a beatnik i swear
im keeping it real down here
im Oh-oh-honest honestly to my lord saviour my god
my bill- ghostbusting groundhog day bill murray my god
my master my jerry seinfeld my one and only true saviour
the only one my mr Richard Pryor, I--
will one day become looked upon like i see all o you
and help someone in my place
with what he or she will be going through
like tom cru help me help you so i can help them get through

see how im nice like that?