Sunday, 26 July 2009

demons do

it's a long road of hope
and i should know
as i got on a long time ago
looking for a way to cope
with all the demons refusing to let go

demons have teeth that thrash, bite
long as forearms shine brighter than
thunder biting on harder than any
komodo dragon

demons have eyes that follow you
from when to now till eternity
they burn your future and highlight
the past brighter than a cyclops
optic blast

demons can create jealousy from
the sound of a received text message
or even a playful giggle; creating anger
towards an ignorant stranger

You will never be rid of these demons
so get to know them well
'fore you're slowly devoured
lost inside a personal hell.

keep your eyes on the road
do not stray and let demons have their way
keep moving till the end
remember no matter how far away
you always have a friend...