Thursday, 29 July 2010

Sean Mahoney 102

I'm a new man when i grab the pen i become bigger then i've ever been putting words in orders many haven't seen as too many in london try live the american dream if only the solemnly cowards see the city sights go further than bright lights- to get away is like hauling a truck trying to buck west end trends send more friends but i say once again im a new man when i grab the pen bigger than before almost too big to fit through the door when you have a habit for stealing the show the supposed show stoppers don't wanna know 'no we're good thanks anyway' these plastic pretentious people will rue the day when i rule the day. say what's good what's been done if you say you're both then you're times up now run, I'm developing my very own enigma- the north london persona a life more over the top than a soap opera now

I'm a new man when i bleed from the pen recess what's been the best place to confess my sins there's never been any science to my expression i just tell you my mistakes and hope you get the lesson, less of a man more of a monster i think of the cheetah hauling a truck of friends stealing shows and bucking west end trends you know when the death toll gets to a hundred audiences will provide bigger wheels to roll with though it's still my mind still taking my time the only thing to me worth any value, but too much of my time goes to people that don't want any of mine, those same cool girls from school still impressed with the same old lines, show me yours and i'll show you a beautiful mind though it's hard to shine in a city covered in grime but music makes me better, and laughter pushes me to the stage never to be less than five minutes of brilliance and when my time comes millions will be in attendence so please pay attention before you're stuck with admittance I'm past my very own present so broke to the point i resent my very own self for my imaginary self has so much going for im but my body doesn't put the work in in the future i'll be working hard. going hard. and i've taken a few scars just to get to the point i can be brighter than all the stars
because there are now stars in london, look to the sky and tell me if you see one, it's never where you come from.

there are no stars in london, look to a night sky and tell me if you see one.
there are no stars in london, look at me and tell me if i can be one.

the young man is in constant evolution

so. this guy comes up to me ans is all like, oi you st

I'm, losing sight of what i thought i was.
too many lines have been written in the hope it will fill the hole
that's still reserved for the man i may one day become.

I'm losing sight of my goal,
either it's further away than i thought
or for years i've been taking part in the wrong sport,
losing my cool losing all but what i wanted to lose- the hole
finding out that what i thought would, still didn't make me whole
(committed to a potential heartbeat in frost- It's only cold)
so the focus is disfigured and now needs to be rearranged
as i take a  too-long look at how much time got stole,
to all my friends that I know i've lost, understand that i recognise the cost
I'm better than what you see, harder than what i used to be
but my history with that dream has taken it's toll
and when things get better and my schedule gets clearer
you'll come down and we'll laugh like it never happened,
as if my disfigured self didn't resemble a troll crossed with a lost soul that left a happier self go
running at a blistering speed towards a future unnecassary