Sunday, 26 September 2010


Anyone write?
that includes emails
anyone read?
that includes texts. good.
I'm by no means an seasoned writer
and at best an amateur poet,
and that may explain why
within my brief time in this game
i have only come across three
types of performer:
those who write for sport
those who do it to relinquish thought
and then, honestly, you have the best.
where you want to be
is right where they have you
and you don't yearn for whatever word comes next
as the one they have you on already feels so blessed.
it's the one we tell are without an equal
and after a while, when told by enough people
sometimes they can go and believe it too.
so perfection is all they expect,
and they wont accept anything less
from anyone else,
even if that's another side of themselves
so their defeats fall to their wayside
hidden under their shadow
(the hardest place for anyone to grow)
so whether it was an inspiration, or burden
we're here all the same, to remember, and let go.
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome
to the funeral of the greatest poet who ever lived.