Saturday, 25 September 2010

Parents evening.

hello Ms Mahoney, Thank you for coming.

Well, I don't know what to say. Sean is doing well for sean. His attendance and punctuality, good. Good. For Sean. I mean he doesn't put his hand up never speaks in class never handed in homework through the term that's passed.

I mean, It's a bit obvious he's not going to be a rocket scientist. I mean, it's not rocket science. heh.

Mrs Mahoney. Please sit down.
uhhhhhhh- wow. Talkative isn't he?
There's a tendency to spout off on these long-winded rants at any opportunity. He's nice but in that class he can honestly at-times-be unruly. I just don't seem him ever having any interest in poetry.

Hello Ms Mahoney.
Your son is... Sean. oh yeah. him. well where do i begin. no complaints. He fits in, does what is given. what else. sorry i really don't know what to tell you- i think he pays attention..?

Ms? Mahoney. Mahoney, mahoney, ma---honey. Sean. where do i start. you know what, in his defence the other day he said something interesting in class. he said 'sir i'd love to do the work i just don't have the heart. My mind moves too fast' i think he said it to get a laugh. i mean if you look at his grades it evidently isn't the case. His performance has slipped since he's got that eczma on his face.

Ms Mahoney! Before you leave, i just wanted to talk to you. you see, i don't think, Sean, i don't think he's very focused and i don't know how well he's going to do on the gcse's and- well i think i might put him on a course as a mechanic. what you think?

I've never done a hundred press-ups in one go. But I've never done a press-up wrong. So don't tell me I'm out of rhythm when I'm dancing to a different song.