Saturday, 15 October 2011

you heard what i said, fuck it!

I live London and dream American
We can't beat our own government
when we have no army to stop them
cliche it seems but it's unity we need
became obvious in the riots
instead of attacking the police
we were at our own throats
burning our own cars and
inflicting our own scars.
Every advert is focused on dividing us
I'm tired of trying to be better than everyone else
we'd rather take than ask for help
it's said hip hop is bigger than it ever was
but it's obvious to see it's not what it was
artists these days are just quicker to sell out
rap something about making it and hope
the real songwriter will write a catchy enough hook
for it to become a hit.
and don't forget the strings.
The search for fame, now a staple in the game
fuck it.