Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I write piece (for rubix)

I write
as if she's still here
and is about to leave
and, I'm picking up
the first words I can see
As my fingers type away at a breakneck pace,
You hear what I'm saying but I'm not saying it right,
These pieces I revise,
rehearse and recite
every night.
Still talking to her,
like she's still here,
like she can hear-
And every line has her closer to
changing her mind
And at the end of every poem and gig
I see it's in vein.
one half's stuck the other
still reaching for the past

I write
with a cut in half heart
on top of whatever my fingers get hold of;
papers, electrical devices and bathroom doors
every moment alone I sacrifice myself into us
I perfect the craft so she'll see what I've become
And how I've grown, yet am still the same
the pen took
as a gift
Our moments
refined in
my mind is
turning coals in-
-to diamonds
I've erased the
the silences
what was is filtered to it's purest
And staged as a play named
the love we should of kept sacred
Through these pages I preserve
the love she left.
She left me naked
No barriers, I'm all core
I didn't have this talent before
I'd rather be terrible with the pen
and have someone to come home for
and I don't know I don't know If i love her anymore,
it was as soon as i thought I was getting over her
I started performing about her.
It's so hard to live without her
to finally admit it's game over

I write
so I can still make her to feel good
because despite the bullshit i've been
I remember in the life before this,
love was gossip and
a touch with purpose
was unheard of.
That's why these words constantly
I wont write for anything else
because her touch is the only thing I've felt
I want her to read these, not out of anger,
like I'm the victor,
I't s not about turning a profit from
It's to see that even when it got ugly
this love was still beautiful to me
I write to wipe away the tears from
her leaving me
and to thank her for the time she
spent with me.

Been writing a lot lately