Friday, 2 September 2011

Held close.

Hold me like I can't breathe
And kiss me so I can't speak

Block the door so I can't leave
Tell me you're all I'll ever need

In your heart let me find peace
Be all that refuses to rest within me.

Because confessions of love
Don't come from my mouth

I'll leave the door unlocked for you to run out
Arms won't even reach round

My eyes are as dulled as my smile
But will always remember, the exceptions don't count.

And lost more brilliant women than I care to count,
But in my long list of regrets they don't count

Because love is what love was and will always be
The only element that can't be controlled by me

Feel free
Leave me

My eyes are only weary
They're still trying to see.

Too cautious to hold
And too unwilling to control
Stuck lost cold

Aged weathered old
Let the door revolve
As I hope to evolve

and get to the point
where I know I've grown.