Thursday, 1 September 2011

Well, that sucks.

you're here you're in. oh good.
yay! You're out you're gone.
That's fine. I'll fuck someone then.
You called and I'm out boo!
that sucks, now i can't fuck
because I'll want to call you back
you shouldn't do that.
I don't know if you know that
that you shouldn't do that.
or ask about where i've been
after you haven't seen me
Not if you want to see me- get it?
I'm a comedian. you back yet?
can i leave them yet?
I like being single
but not if I'm waiting for you
and you told me not to
but when you look at me
which happens rarely
i mean actually, actual
eye contact and smile-
to wait for long-whatever it takes.
Doable. Just a while
I make mistakes all the time
i tell them all to you
every name of every girl i screw
as if I'm over you
fucking them to prove to you
we can even joke about them
to the point where I'm a joke to you
I'm here I'm back it was terrible
you smell good. Your hairs up.
That's cool. Whatever. I like it.
I'm going home if you want to stay the night.
If you want I mean we can just talk
I can make you tea and you can make fun of me
and then we can get deep and you can need me
not that i give a fuck- I'm with other women
if you hadn't noticed I'm, I'm with other women
should I continue to tell you?
How I'm fucking them to forget you
fucking them to fuck with you
not that it should hurt you to be without me
right? i hope not. Honest.
Just kidding, I miss you.
but you're going to be single
and you told me not to wait for you
but still i play the fool
in an attempt to respect your wishes
and act like a dickhead
wo the girls I've neglected
the girls I've slept with.
Why be mean to those who want to be with me
that's silly. I'm a comedian.
Get it?