Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Never let me down.

tell me you love me in the morning
to bookend when you said it before i slept.
Let me kiss each eyelid
and ask if you'd like some tea.
Nod while you stretch
we can both drink it in bed
as we're not ready to get up yet
then kiss me like I can't leave
have me come up with a lie
for why I'm late while i ride the train
but can't because the truth can't
escape my brain
give me a reason to walk fast in the rain
tell women why I'm not interested in them
and leave parties i don't want to be in
let me look at you and not know where to begin
tell me you want to stay in on weekends
be one from mornings to evenings to mornings
and trade secrets as frequent as kisses
that are delivered with precious precision
as if each one was destined for that moment-
be the one i can be alone with
be proud to say that's who my boyfriend is.
and never let me know i told you that.