Monday, 15 August 2011

Oh wah, wah, wah.

Why do i lie to the ones i love?
Why Lay with the girls i don't?
why when my friends call
i don't answer the phone,
and when opportunity knocks
the door wont open?
why do i put my voice in the pen, 
my promises on the page,
why is my honesty saved for the stage?
why do i always fight in others wars
and how come those i fight for
never come to my corner?
why after every time i try hard
i feel a need to try harder?
why do i always wait till the last minute?
why do i take the weight from those
that will resent it?
why do the women i see never seem to be
what was initially presented?
is there a reason my present can't
hold a candle to my past?
why does the promise of a prosperous future
feel too far?
why is the prettiest woman always on the other side of the bar?
is it my habitat that has me drawn to habits that are bad?
if my parents never broke-up would i still be the same man?
can i be given a route to which i can adhere?
and can the roadblock to my newly lit path not be my biggest fear
why do i always promise to be the man i was last year, next year?
how did the mediocre become smart enough to get together?
and how did the egos of the great let them takeover?
why do i see all my friends blow when i don't?
and always get the girls that blow when i don't?
why when happy, i look for a place to complain
why, after all these years, and all these changes
i still feel the same? why does it take a tragedy
for me to count my blessings?
why do i keep fuckin' with fate?
why do they hit me when it's a fact i don't break
why when i want to be so great,
and have full confidence in the words on this page
my hands still shake?
why keep on when you know so much is wrong?
because it's not my imperfections that make me great
but instead my struggle to correct them.