Friday, 5 August 2011

Tomorrow this will be gone.

I'm out the country
does she miss me yet?
I've been on a run
for three years
I've been running
and only now have i stopped
trying to catch up
with a girl yet to start.
she's smarter than I am
and in three months
put my back up
i only stopped
because I thought i saw the end
now all i have is another friend.
I just want
to stroke
and hold
and to let love in
but it's not strong enough
to knock the doors down
I guess I'm still outside town
hailing a cab down
pissed off because
she's inside lonely now
and doesn't want to be.
she wants me
but wont let herself tell herself.
She holds onto the last thing he gave her
the pain with leaving
and now it's all she sees when she sees him
and she loves him, so she loves pain.
And she becomes the reason for his absence
fear of being happy.
i believe that firmly.
as firm as the phone that rattles in my fist
drunkenly searching for help in a text
no good no good I'm no good for no one.

but loved by some, in five minutes I've got it
in books i see myself.
success stories of celebrities.
fantasy novels and comic books with norse gods.
I'm all anyone could ever need
and am replaced with ease.