Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Jade Bruce.

hey sean hows it going man!
i have missed you man!
liking the new beard!...... kind of ha ha!
nah only kidding.
hows america going!
hows the food tasting!
hows your fatal atraction girlfriend!
{tell me shes not boiling rabbits, i own four of them)
how are the buildings
the parks
the games stores.
how are the black people over there oh yeah you cant speak to them!
ha ha!
we will keep this on a dLo.
but most importantly, how are you!
man it has been weird that i only fill like half myself right now!
that your not here!
i should only be eating half as much.
i should only be speaking half as much.
i should only play video games half of- wait!
i am not going to go that far! ha ha!
the interveiw went quite good
but not remarkable
hence the reason that i didt get the job!
things in england are going quite good
i mean the air is kind of fresh!
the moon is coming out quite a lot at night time.
the birds are singing sooo l... ok!
its crap over here, you happy!
man you always put pressure on me!
ha ha!
while your accomplishing girls
great food
great buildings
great weather
great places faces
{i just rhymed pat on the back!}
the only thing i have accomplished
is infilltrating
the building on spliner cell.
but hey splinter cell ROCKS!
man i love you i miss you
i am happy for you sooo much
just remember your my only freind
and my fouth brother!
just remember
you have got a b ball game here waiting so hurry up and come boi!