Saturday, 10 September 2011

Twist it.

I Fight for the one I live with
because life without her doesn't make sense
And no text can express the mess we're in.
I did it I let you be my friend as if that was what I wanted
Now I live with consequence of the enthusiasm
I really thought I could handle the situation
But now I have to hear you talk about him
and ask me when the right man will come
when you're the only girl i could ever want
meaning I can't stop in fear the wrong word will have you gone.
I just look for things to lean on. Bannisters
Tears on staircases I come back in and act like I've been places
unexplained absences when really i just fought my resistance
you're the best and worse person to live with
I'm ripped apart, unable to pick a new start
because the belief that you're the completion of me
means you'll be the end of all my paths.