Saturday, 9 February 2013

ensemble so far.

from the humble beginnings of a Pelicans wings
through jungles human beings have never seen
moving past trees and brushing on leaves
it picks up speed across rivers into seas 
creates hurricanes that destroy distant cities
crashing and breaking into a million pieces
legs turn into tornadoes
arms to storms
the voice seeks peace
on these deserted city streets
it's dying scream of the winds base
pushes the hair away from her face.
She's still got her knees up and arms pumped
He drags himself across the land google maps forgot
Just keep running.
This is a street for cars with tinted windows,
and people who knew where they where five minutes ago
where with the exception of your breath and heartbeat
all sights and sounds come from connecting streets
(Honks of
the roar of
these are the streets in-between streets
the place that takes everyone to a deja vu
red lights of stops signs taunt as a finish line
both going towards some type of bright light

Just keep moving.
his scuffed fists grab weathered bricks
Just keep breathing.
forehead rests against the wall
phlegm dangles from his chin
chest bounces as if on hydraulics
he sees polka dots emerge on the pavement
 and no matter the condition, every single person 
in a six mile radius has the same thought as him
"is it, raining?"
it hard knocks  the skin's soft spotslike a comic book landlord wanting rent
find a footing in dented cement and a broken leg
he takes a step forward but the knee pops
these are the rain drops we take as a sign from god
where you regret the clothes you bought from sweat shops
the spit slips into a puddle of green