Thursday, 28 March 2013


I drink because it's fun
and I drink till I'm drunk
till my thoughts turn to thunks
and my head is empty
with exception of my wants.
I don't want much
but I want her
and I want her so much
it kind of hurts
when I think about it
my mind gets heavy with thoughts
so I drink to lighten my load
and then i drink some more.

She loves the character Alabama
Written by that director Quentin Tarantana.

If music dictates fashion
I'd imagine she'd have given
every genre a listen
black and white pictures
from her last trip to Berlin
make her the Galaxy
chocolate bar of women.
Something I thought I couldn't afford
even when I had twice the worth
if not more.
Not advertised for the likes of me
wanting to leave gigs early
to play sonic 2 on his Nintendo Wii.
tears on a page- streets of rage without skates
your face so close to my face.

Some things I thought I could never see
once a week I'd treat myself to KFC
like a siren it's smell would sing to me
as soon as I stepped out of Farringdon station
sitting in the restaurant, wrapping chicken skin
round the chip would be the closest feeling
I had to calm before you came along
I try to talk but can barely hear you over the song
I need a simple thing to focus on.
Your legs- in those leggings
Your hair- in that hairband
Your words- in that mouth
I try not to think out loud
my thoughts aren't that loud now
and I don't feel a need to space out
I could even settle down
ease from this world
in the middle of the night
without making a sound
in an out of london house
two children and a second hand
BMW in the garage
"That's nice- what's the mileage?"
I don't know what that question means
and I dread it being asked.

Fuck. sorry.

Quiet and loud
timid and proud
i've tried to be everything I've been able to see
in the hope it would round me out.
find a key to escape the empty house
I share with my conscience who treats me like a spouse
from the window we'd watch the word tear itself apart
now all I do is come home late and all she wants to do is fight
it's so tense you could cut the tension with a knife
sorry for saying the word knife
I know a word like knife isn't right
but something about living in this city
makes listening to Joni mitchell not fit right.
Violence isn't an art. It's a language.

All the stars are held in light bulbs
i can see stories in constellations

I don't believe in god as much as I do religion.
I haven't seen mystical signs as much as guidelines
followed by nice guys living life right.
It'd be a life I'd like but I suffer from a lack of faith
to stick with anything that wont meet me halfway-
- right at the borderline.