Friday, 11 December 2009

Showing my age.

some girls move one up and down
It's the best connection to get,
that's why i hate it when we
get moving up and down and she
doesn't look me in the eye.
an all too frequent effect when with
a girl that wants to see someone else
she fucks as a cry for help
it's not that I don't realize this but
I left the game for the same reason
she did not. to love with body parts
so you can silence the cry of a heart
no way will she ever be replaced
her mistakes are expressed on my face
a permanent scowl to remind lovers
we murder all things it's in out nature
staring into the reflection of my river:
My love is the very best.
the best you could find
my love is love refined
my love is love defined
a love that's never been mine
a love that is made only to save
a love that inspires adventure
a love that lets you rest for an age.
and now I say this every week
a pastor to my own sermon i preach
to not be the man who is a leach
so treasure what you got as I'm walking
without. a hand. to hold. and it's winter now
and I'm feeling cold. and i 1ook to the mirror
man I've gotten old.
            been nineteen for three years now,
Holding out for a woman that is perfection personified
two minutes of time can slide into a canyon of luxury,
bones breaking along the way, re-moulding into
something respectable; presentable.
Lets be bodies not be vegetables.
somebody's not forgettables
hurting many people in my own way.
hurting many people in my own way.
this is what i do now, play the role of a bad guy.
my whole life has been just a shade of grey
in a world where no one's good,
and no one is bad... is that true.
can anybody be-- all of one.
can anyone be all love. no.
only one can see all of love.
Believe in a, Love of you. it would be a
fine thing for sure but no, know
nothing beyond seventeen is pure.