Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Love of you.

When we first met, I loved the look of you.
Golden locks and ragged glory a lovely view

Then as we talked, I loved the idea of you
Such freedom and soul brilliantly new

Then we parted, and I loved the memory of you
What little there was had to make do

Then we reunited and, I loved the darkness of you
No. That's not true,

-It was not the darkness but that dim
Light of hope that shone through-

Then we kissed and, I loved the feel of you
Tender warmth and sweeter than honeydew

Now only in quick meetings can I try to love you
Imagine an elephants foot and Bliss' ballet shoe

Though these fleeting moments I eagerly await,
I'd rather just leave for the United States

But to be real honest and true it was never
The feel, look or light that shone through...

All I ever loved was/is/will simply forever wholly encompassing, only and all be; You.