Wednesday, 3 June 2009

friend, relate.

Threw away a fun friendship
For a serious relationship
Traded a meaningful courtship
For a one-night partnership
Lost a heart of gold
To a life of old
trapped the lost girl
for unrequited desires
but she was so pretty
and exposed all the liars
fixed such broken veins
for a release of pain
she sipped your life
in through a straw
left your emotions
on the other side of the door
you were meant to feel for more
instead walk through life
longing for the cold pain
the thin slice sliding across
red slowly pours and climbs
longing to be free, just like me,
i, a bit like you, threw away
a meaningful relationship
for a one night partnership
supported an indignant claim
(an excuse) for a life of fame
but now all i want

i just, don't know anymore.
god help me. I'm so lost.