Sunday, 21 June 2009

same old.

Hanging out with sadness makes one lonely

for sadness always makes terrible company
but when all talent you find becomes weary
and when it's said love gets in the way of success
(especially if you're in love with an actress)
one would wonder;
isn't love-when shared- a success in itself?
Or just a veil masking your global inadequacy?
I'm banking on the latter

waiting for father and roswell plays
but my mind cannot help but stray
i wonder if she cares still
if she knows where i can be found
maybe its the result of a rebound
entirely probable statistically
logical, at least with the pen and pad
there is still entertainment to be had
but chest aches, every time
a breath escapes the shoulders fall
the eysbrows tense and always
walking serious. hah. supposedly
To get L-one off a mind there are possibilities
a fuck that is quick should do the trick
but to go down any old road again is a trek
swear down one must get out of L-D-N
cannot walk down same old buildings again
Every week is the same cycle.
only thing one should really do is escapeescapeescape!
E-to the- L ope. S-to the-O how