Monday, 1 June 2009

Winter months.

Come to north London
Where we observe two lovers
 Who are unable to carry on.
Come closer, into Tufnell park
As they get together and later depart,
Every winter they play the same part.

She be- strong and vibrant but can’t
Help but become burnt out when the clouds
Become swollen and orange bricks
Are no longer golden despair doth knock
To him she must flock, runs
Hoping he’s still there, he still cares

He fucks the summer away just to forget
the day her and he crossed paths and never
does his amnesia last, going without her
becomes the longest fast, so he waits
for the snowflakes to fall hoping when
Frost comes she, like he, can no longer stand tall

One way or another their paths cross in winter
When neither have nothing to lose and to their
Inner most desires they surrender confessing
Things they really shouldn’t but believing in
This love means believing in living and when
They’re together living finally feels better

“please don’t let these days end, we’ve messed up
and I don’t want to mess up again, you’re my lover
you’re also my best friend only on you can I depend,
now it’s so cold out- trust- with me it’s warm
don’t leave me this time stay in from the storm”

“as sure as I breathe I believe I will never
leave for you are my rock my soul you keep me strong
and like likewise only you can I depend on don’t worry
my dear you have nothing to fear I’ll keep from the cold
and rest in these arms until I leave this world”

the love made in stone feels so heartfelt
but while the snow melts the promises break
the stone becomes weathered and partners weary
can’t help but believe the world circle theory if
only they admitted their partners faults, so desperate
to see perfection, so shocked when they see a person.

She witnesses the cloudy sky die at the hands
Of spring but doesn’t understand why he
Wants to stay in when there is such a wide
World to explore constantly told she is adored
But honestly feels trapped and bored this isn’t
What livings for- was she blinded by love before?

He knows winter has faded and is scared that
The love is fated to end bitter like last year
So scared he’s trying to keep her near but every
Time he pulls she pushes harder doesn’t understand
What she’s being distant for after all he’s the rock
the soul- is there anymore he can do for her?

The quiet grumblings bubble over while the
Sky gets hotter the flowers do bloom but not any
Larger than the impending sense of doom that follows
The two something is up something is awry then one
Night after a drunken party the expletives fly
And to the winter romance we say goodbye.

“You’re giving me actions but no feelings, reasons or why’s
And when you tell me love me it feels like a lie.
It’s as if you’re keeping secrets, made me so broke up inside
Yesterday I snuck on your facebook, and fucking cried for turning
Into one of those guys, you’ve robbed me of my pride”

“you fool you fucking fool I love you so much yet you don’t
stop accusing and thinking im just using I can’t keep on
guaranteeing love I can’t keep on promising if you do not believe,
im so trapped here you’re so on-me-all-the-time I need to…
I need to go”

The words come out of nowhere hitting the two harder
than, unless you’ve been in love, could never know.
The two depart leaving half a heart, only able to love
half as much, both become- no in fact both succumb to
an un-feeling of being numb, when with new lovers they’re
not loved nor lonesome just trapped under a summer sun

September if anything is a time for change when
Summer wanes and we embrace a baptism of rain-
She’s soaked in it as the clouds came from nowhere
In a short skirt she’s embarrassed and cold feeling
Too old to make such a mistake then she hears the
Pitter-patter over her, she’s standing under whose umbrella?

Septembers clouds are London’s cover a grey duvet
Rolling over her, soaked wet knowing if he
Helps he’ll regret it but fuck it she’s soaked and
We must help others and well she’s still looking
Good as ever he stands over, she turns to see her
Old lover he feels the way she looks. She looks in wonder.

They get together and later depart,
Every winter they play the same part.
Though maybe this time, in September-
A time for change- they can try for a fresh
Start, able to rearrange their broken hearts
and see if instead, a friendship can last.

“how you been?”                                 “I’ve been okay”
“still living round here?”                   “no I moved”
“Really”                                                “yeah but just to archway”
                                                               “you’re soaking wet”                        
“yeah I realise that.”                          "you want, a hot drink or something?"