Sunday, 7 June 2009

You are-

The Monroe to my Miller
The Lane to my Kent
The Bonnie to my Clyde
The Budden to my Tahiry
The Calliope to my Dream
The Leila to my Han Solo
The Knowles to my Carter
The Watson to my Parker
The Laura to my Shadow
The Bergman to my Bogart
The Hammond to my V
The models to my Palmer
The Wilma to my Fred
The Marge to my Homer
The Ardee to my Glokta
The Plant to my Page
The Alabama to my Clarence
The Heart to my beat
The feet to my street
The Peggi to my Young
The Rotolo to my Dylan
The rotolo because,
The The The The The
The beginning and end
The lover and friend
The way it will (it will) end-
Just know I couldn't
have asked for a better way
for my time to have been spent
and to no other girl i lay
will my heart be so easily lent.