Saturday, 6 June 2009

What she'll say to him.

I tip-toed up and that connection-
grabbing my hips, closer
never with another
have I felt so together
so when we released
I opened my eyes
Blinked twice
Couldn’t believe that I was here
With you
Couldn’t believe that it turns out
This is all I’ve ever wanted
Couldn’t believe I could ever be
Surprised again
And I said
“Okay, this is it now
I, like this status quo
I got you, you got me
From here on in, know
Without you, I refuse
To see tomorrow”
His eyes stretch open wide, where he had planned for years to find the right words she replied with something that, well, blew him away and that made him glad, because as each second passed both were beginning to understand this night was a time for things that are new. To tread down one less cloudy path. She leans in, her neck beautifully stretching out, her eyes closing but instead of a kiss he grabs her hugs her. Then holds her. Harder. But she holds on just as tight. After a good thirty seconds they relent., looking back at each other. It’s so serious neither of them can’t help but laugh. It's all so deep, it's all so daft. It's used to be so unexpected, until it happened.
The end.