Saturday, 20 June 2009


It's a grey
windy day
And I'm only
Wearing two layers,
A nasty chest cold
Probably on the way
 Interview at four
As if that's anything to live for.
I think I might not...
But there is no reason
for being here.
To stay or to go?
To and fro
This decision goes
and while  I try
to get my mind clear
A dead friend
has started whispering
In my ear.
A heavy burden
I think
She's had to bear
Sure I want to help
But her
And possible
Thoughts I don't
want to hear
Because going back
Half a year
She had a knack for
Absolving all my fear.
And where
One half wants to
Hold her
Make sure
She never sheds
A single tear
Another half
wants to Tyson-ise
her fucking ear
to and fro this decision-
Oh no it's ten
To four
Got an interview
for boredom