Wednesday, 10 June 2009

rode in only two ride out.

I am a knight hiding under no armour I
ride shotgun in a chevy with insanity's daughter I
call her Heather her real name is Murder I
have no qualms I'm all for the slaughter, I
surf on the wings of a pigeon who sings, I
laugh like a child who hears the lunch bell ring, I
eat better than most though refuse to boast, I
run faster than some but get faster in the sun, I
give because because I'm a passive aggressive, I
get passively aggressive when he's being dismissive, I
twitter this twitter that we tweet to speak teach to chat, I
live in grey and day by day- I
begin to accept this is where I'll stay, I
cry because I'd want to at parties you're supposed to, I
do what I'll have to, I
fly because I'm above you, I
accept a match that has no catch but the door is on a latch, I
listen quite a lot to Johnny Cash, I
once had a rash, 
I called it eczema to be exact, I
reach into a hat and pull out not a rabbit but a cat, I
know it's risen from the dead no need to eat though offered it bread, I
hold many swords but only hit people when wearing a glove, I
got a lot of satisfaction from seeing others blood, I
gain acceptance from a large audience always, I
release pain through truth and the pain forever stays, I
take one last look at a once beautiful view
I understand it has become a ruin like all beautiful things eventually do
I remember back to a time that was too good to be true I
hate my love for you I
have kept and will keep every promise I'll ever make, I
promise never to ---- --- -----, I
see no reason why this promise should break, I
can't help but think something about heather isn't quite together, I
assume it's the fascination of dying and taking the whole world with her, I
suspect she's a member of the Al-queda but yet to see a terrorist agenda
I met her brother, I
called him John I
asked him where he was from he said a time long gone, I
think the father called him paranoia, I
believe paranoia is turning into vanity or what no just me?
I figure people are so used to being watched might as well look good
I don't know about you but I'd rather go live in an igloo
I love this cake
I love that song
I love James Franco
I love you, I
suppose love now means nothing too, I
never remember hurt so it always comes back worse, I
take it all on the chin, I
do it all with a grin, I
receive all this pain and just store it within, I
look into the mirror and don't know what I'm supposed to see, I
wonder what the reflection is trying to be, I
ask if that really is the real me, I
get nothing in return apart from what was already said
I just have to accept
I am what
I am
I do what
I can
I hope you understand
I travel along a crowded concrete promise land
I share with all, the pieces of a man.