Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Tell me it gets better.

My friend,
Tell me it gets better
Promise the rain will fall no further
That the grass will grow greener
The kitchen will become cleaner
That this heart will flutter
At the sound of your laughter

And don’t you make a promise you cannot keep
For too many lies have kept me from sleep.

My lost one,
Hold me a little closer
Caress like we are two together
Just until I can recover,
Just until the day of forever
Hold tight like you thought you’d never
Kissing in the manner of a one true lover

And if it is truly impossible to hold me right
I will simply lay alone on another sleepless night

My Lord,
Let the sun become symbolic
So darkness may learn from it
And the largest trees may grow vines upon them
So I can climb to the skies
And at the highest of the highs
Spread my wings like an eagle when she flies

And if the true purpose of the sun is to burn
Then I’ll turn to shade ready for another lesson to learn.