Friday, 12 June 2009

Glove up.

I taste blood on my teeth
It's my own so tastes similar to defeat
still on my feet but finding it hard
to cope as I'm dangerously close
to the bastard ropes
blows to the head and it's hard
it's hard to take this kind of abuse
the headguard provided is too loose
virtually of no use
I hear the yells of a crowd urging me to fail
they're surprised I haven't fell
but the fight has barely begun!

If i could cry out for someone, I would
but when you're in the ring it's no good
just one on one no outside help will not come
and it's hard when you're on your own
I'm finding it hard fighting this one
the pressure applied is intense i need distance
my jab can see to that if i can
turn him into the corner and get on the attack
but to make the turn itself is hard enough
it's hard when a barrage of fists are in your way
I twist and lean into the punches
but a hook hits so strong my head rings
and though i cursed them before
those ropes are the only thing keeping
me from the floor

i don't know how I can do this
(why- why am I doing this?)
how can the attack keep on
and how does each hit stay so strong?
(for my mother? father? sister?)
and then stepping in comes the referee
(and then it hits so clearly)
giving an early standing count- one, two, three,
(I'm doing this for ME!) four,
I show him my hands are steady
end of the first round
and I can only give more.

the briefest of rests my character
is now going to be put to the test
every attack thrown I turn on it
duck every hook parry every jab
a right hand to the body slows him greatly
my fists become faster than electricity
and i land a blow so grand it hits hard
it's hard to stay up after that perhaps this
battle will turn well but the opponent
charges and pulls hits, grabs
still attacks letting me know
he's still there, well I'm right here
come get me motherfucker
you're tired after two rounds?
I've been fighting for three years!

resting. panting. trainer telling
me to keep on but it's not like he's the one
taking abuse for no particular reason
so much advice given but we all know
when that bell goes I'm forgetting
all I know and trading blow for blow though
my opponent may be stronger and faster
my heart is larger and I will not
become a martyr to hurt tonight
I swear to god I will win this fight.
one for one, round three of three
lets see what this dude can do to stop me