Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot.

The world hurts and
and it hurts
to see a hero fall
especially when this one
taught you how to stand tall

I understand that
If I ever came to you
in need of someone to talk to
you'd open your door
and let my heart pour
But can I depend on you
to make me the first person
you look to?
when in need of someone
to pull you through?

You promise not to ditch me
when another man stumbles in,
you wont drop me when you find him?
It was hard enough when I first left
to do it again there probably wont be
much of me left.
Just, you know that I know we know
more than most
We got it. I don't know how rare it is
but dude I don't want to lose this.
Not again.
So are we going to keep strong?
No matter what happens in our lives
Will we be the ones to talk to
about inspiration?
when in need of motivation?
and talk about any complication?
no matter our-how do i say- situation?
I hope so.
Man I hope so.