Thursday, 11 June 2009

World circle 2.

Every second of it
I've loved the looks that were given
the texts that were sent
the in jokes that were said
Only for me were they meant
Loved the beautiful face
That contained
the beautiful lips
And loved the beautiful lips
That contained
the beautiful smile
Loved her hips, arms, legs
And stomach
That contained
Her beautiful bile
The eyes were something to shout out about
The type of ones that don't hit you
but the ones that when looked
You can only fall into
Hours spent as
those eyes you search
And swim through
Loved making love
Loving someone who loves you
You'll find it's the best thing you can do
Especially when you do it for a whole weekend.
the hair:
fair, long 'n' bronze
Light never bounced
But absorbed like a sponge
And was gently released
Through the glow that came from her skin
And always warmed me
No matter what condition I was in
Always funny
Awoke my grin
knew me well
Never overtly sexual
But always sexy
Not afraid to be adventurous
But always a lady
She was my honey my lady my coolest baby
Every song about love no matter how corny
Suddenly became a symphony
Gave me a feeling that this world was meant for me
Like we'd be together for an eternity
Yeah, this was the feeling. I knew it.
I had fallen in love.
How foolish a young man can be.
'Cos when I recognized
She no longer felt the same for me
I realized I couldn't fall for an eternity
Man I hit the ground hard
And I will be feeling that pain
And what did I lose?
I lost it all.
I learnt to never trust red heads
Or women in general, at that.
I learnt you're not a man until
You're hurt by a woman.*
Learnt to conserve emotions
And conservatively converse
Making sure the truth never comes first
Strong barriers must be built up
So confidence can't get knocked down
Learnt why I see few are happy grown up
And in life you will always be let down.
Learnt that there's no point in trying
because if you tell yourself you're gonna be happy
You'll only be lying
Learnt that you'll probably
Be alone when dying
Aspiring means perspiring and why do that
When doing it for no one?
You're doing it for nothing.
Learnt that women will be needed
But needing them for only one feeling
Is a lot better way of dealing
Someone hurt her
So she hurt me
So I hurt more
A viscous cycle of pain
That after Joining
I'm only happy to play the game
I assumed it was only natural
After all
Even the world
Turns in a circle
And time went by
And I stayed the same.
On one particular day
When going to a girls
For a lay
She opened the door for me quick
And gave me a wide smile I never asked for
Wearing nice clothes I couldn't care for
She greeted me as if it was
Her personality I had come for
And looked at me as if
I was the one who had fair, long 'n' bronze hair
And she looked in my eyes as if
She was lost in them
As if when I wasn't looking
She had swum through them
And for the first time in a while I was reminded of
Myself, four years ago
And remembered, not the loss
But the love I had been through.
I held that girl tight that night.
That if I had the chance to go through it all again I would
Because the bad times could never outweigh the good.
And yes, Though young love can often bring loss with it
Know in our heart of hearts we welcome it
As when it comes to ----
Any pain is worth it.
That's what I've learnt.