Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I never listened enough to my mum
she would always say i was headed for big things
something like a, phenomenon,
i never knew where it came from
as i was always, not, well behaved and-
figured, you could make a man from clay
open his eyes to see a new day
create ears to hear all wisdom
give him a happy home to come from
but given the choice he still wont stay
never do never will, 
held hearts always hold out for a cheap thrill
started as daily visits while he was at work
turned into walks through the park,
swalling a bitter pill when they where together
she wanted a nurturer, it's not romantic
but i tried to help her, and that urge to kill
went to her other, other-
felt my lovers future fall through broken hands 
and the enemies blood in my mouth
the enemy is myself spat out i look up
see the man she never wanted to make angry
i knew he would, but i never knew it'd be..
i guess her bruises never came from affection
leaving me the man who's help only hurt
destined to become a crippled contradiction
we lived a dream that's a little too non- fiction.
no dream has ever been all it seems,
now I'm bursting at the seams, 
depending on what way his fists lean
teeth are seen and feel mine are gone
and i wonder how long this pain will carry on
if i my arms get their act together and no longer be so weak 
i can pick myself up from the street
but his feet on my back put a stop to that 
people from the pub now come out
i wonder if what i did was really so wrong,
i was the man she could depend on
then again it was their bed we slept on.
these street lights are so orange i see all in sepia
i dedicate my last thought to my mother, 
and am sorry to have disappointed her.