Saturday, 15 May 2010

Lodon story part one.

he walks with london on his shoulders,a young man who's had enough- but doesn't yet know.
the streets mean a lot to him,over the past three years he's decided these streets are his home.
First it was the home, then the new home, then the old home again then two, three, too may flats
north-to north west in general was his home, as he still didn't know to what street he'd next go.
a quiet scream from within has him pause, an old friend with his family exit from old doors, still he walks and doesn't stop till camden lock, takes out a couple of pennies, watches them drop, waits for the plop.

Tonight he's backstage searching for lines, tomorrow he'll again play his part but right now he has to find something that can wake him up, as for so long he's been given too many reasons to simply, give up.
It's a life led to impress his friends, so much grace given but where do you go when the show ends?
with each step london puts a bit more pressure on his legs yet there's something in this night- like-
he doesn't know where it's going to to next. So with each step he looks out for a situation he wouldn't have expected and by the time he reaches the flat in mornington crescent his hands holding keys are hesitant, awakened to that he doesn't have to go home if it doesn't feel right, goes from zone two to one in one night.
by this point the ipod has died but that's alright, as he's quietly confident tonight will change his life.