Saturday, 29 May 2010

beatup speakup dreambut

i've got a heartbeat that beats weak every time you speak
longing leaps liken to lost weeks where happiness leads
smell the memory it reeks kept the same one in old sheets
wrapped up in an old retreat that bleeds when you speak
in your hands I'm held by the tail and i fail to answer only squeak
in your eyes I'm hidden from sleep chillin' in darkness like a creep
below your feet I'm stepped on become your floorboard and creek
weakened heartbeat reminding me to remember i'm still alive- beat.
beat up, bruises show when not wrapped in what could have been
been up, higher than the flow what you knew i now know and speak
speak up, out comes the fire from my lungs describing all i've seen
seen what? a truth she'd bare not know, he's awoken from a dream
dream but, remember no dream has ever been quite as it seemed
seams burst, the talk is a confession of all my sins i now am clean
she's hurt, wanted a romantic, but never got it, couldn't handle it,
and after the promise i still contradict, my honesty is crossed with
every single thing i never wanted to be, to come across conceited
I've got a heartbeat that beats weak whenever you speak
but my mind freaks out when memories go to my life's peak
so to whatever way this conversation leads i will still leave
best of luck in finding him, the one in that'll let your love in