Sunday, 15 August 2010

got bad to do

Phone calls and hang-ups and step toe and son re-runs.
rustling sheets lovely sandwiches and jackets as presents.
ripped-tights, made-teas, passive-aggressive arguments.
jokes. everywhere, museums new-books, cuddle, television
show-her-off parties shrugs roll-off the tongue insults
lots of drink being sick pale people warm-up breakfasts
eggs, bacon, mushrooms loving looks between menus
promises from eye contact that have one rush to the flat
stroked arms, resting heads denim daisy dukes removed
stretched stomachs in flips, smiles no longer reserved
old streets walked on spent in awe- but one's too fast
press-ups towards late-night runs to more aspirations
cold-shoulders no eye contact new looks no respect given
moonlit bodies slide with anger, train seats stare into space
inspiring work inspired from smiles laughing at them
all men that try to be something they're not, what we'll never be
no answers too scared to ask questions too proud for pain
far away looking back at yesterday try to find out what it meant
replay every event wanting another body that's heaven sent
golden green olive kisses mismatched lovers circumstances 
deal the blows take the pain, we eventually stand all the same
and if i had the choice yes i'd do it all again.