Wednesday, 25 August 2010

hay hay haaay

It's not hard being me.
But it's been a challenge becoming myself
I've said yes to a lot of things i shouldn't
denied a lot of opportunities i wish i didn't
I don't think I'll ever truly know everything about me-
I hope to always grow.Be turned on, inspired, (turned on)
offended and entertained (and turned on) in new ways.
Get shook up over the next marked pop sensation
and snub my nose at the one after that.
I want to let waves of childlike emotions in,
participate with the living.
For a long time i thought i was weird.
watching what i did and questioning why i did it
and not enjoying the life i lived it became hard to
keep that feeling hid, i broke down, it got awkward
So for everyone else's sake i decided to step out the race
took some time to analyze my mistakes- played loads of videogames
wrote, read, stepped-up got-lost in my thoughts then got straight
and became someone i wasn't ashamed to embrace
it turns out the real problem was i just couldn't relate to fakes
because now my best friends and ladies
are the prettiest and most safe around-
Hey young world, I'm back now and move at a quicker pace
with a pretty face I'm not afraid to lose.
Because i've been ugly, been removed from society
and in darkness found myself and in that, serenity
there is nothing your judgment can do to me.

nothing. honestly, nothing. really, why
did someone say something about me?
i don't care, although i can change.