Sunday, 29 August 2010

psh, women!

It's frustrating when women find only the aesthetics pleasing
only the shallow women like the pretty men
and shallow women are only skin deep
meaning they keep their skin pristine so i get drawn to them
though I'm not like them, they like other men, an indie scene
devoid of individuals tattooing the same symbols and partake
in repetitive rituals. This leaves the originals to be overlooked
which is natural i suppose, we live in a culture that's acceptable
of the sensitive men that in a sense has become sensitive-less
when they pick and choose what emotions they let in.
It's harder than ever to be yourself now when whatever state
you look from already has a million set-templates for you to
choose from. But this all begs a much simpler question:

If the pursuit of these women leads to frustration, why bother chasing them?
I get fooled. Easily.
No. Honestly. It's vanity
Shallow women only like men who are pretty
and if a pretty woman walked down the street
holding my arm proudly maybe
i wouldn't feel so ugly.
In constant need of a confidence fix.
thinking some more flings will fill me.
Trying as hard as i can to not take my situation not too seriously
after all, it's only ----------------- something silly.