Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fuck New Cross Art Students.

Drinking alone, waiting for a friend,
wearing a hoodie with zips,
that i got for free at twenty and still fits
my drunkenish gaze turns to an
art student who looks a lot like myself
but has no question with his self-worth;
Sunglasses hold his swept back fringe,
on his tanned neck rests a silk scarf
that would take a days wage to afford
... And i play it safe
blame my self-doubt on being poor
yet in my heart of hearts I know
you're only as cheap as your mentality
allows you to be.
I'll see where else the blame is- yes-
If you don't tell me what I wear fits
I don't feel a need to try hard
when it comes to matters of the heart
I play the part of Tony Stark, act non-chalant,
yet under that iron armour is Peter Parker
I really don't get far when life gets harder
a day wasted blamed on low wages
and unfaithful exes
but you can't have a partner
(you really can't have a partner)
when you live life like a webslinger
still broken up over a lost love
still thinking it was your fault
my fault. Her fault. who said, what?
A million things to do
but it only takes one excuse
to not get up.