Sunday, 22 May 2011

Roses on the wall.

I can't put flowers on your wall.
First of all it's not my place to.
If I could I'd be held responsible.
but before I got to know you,
he beat me on every level,

I can't afford that many roses
Just all my words into poems
doesn't cost much but trust it's worth lots,
to me anyway. These days I only have thoughts
and even those are ones my feelings can't afford.

I'm, broke. I've been broken for a while
It'd be great if money could fix me
if it could be that easy,
I could record all this poetry
make it a platinum-selling CD,
and every girl will wonder who
while the man you love will think of you
buy it as a gift, and whenever you'll hear me
you'll think of him, and you'll become two
and i'll be turning a profit,
buying as many roses it takes
to cover all my walls with.

I'll be at home, covering all my walls with roses.