Monday, 3 August 2009

artists are so cool

I'm so not mainstream

not a part of any team
lets listen to patrick wolf as
Led Zeppelin are so passe
I'd pick wes anderson over scorsese any day
such tastes above such stature
nnrapture polaroid picture a christmas sweater
naked legs beneath riding an inclusive
(elusive? obtrusive?__) lecture
such style lends to others that waste
so originally cheesy
duran duran on my sony walkman- that's a tape player by the way? yeah?
home artists filled: crackpots diversity
without having to be-fortunately-diverse
fun. dance. love. the mantra that i speak
though i do not preach in reason, reasonable
seeing as i know nothing at all. an artist
a clay-maker. poet, writer and drug smuggler
my flat is like no other )(sd arliar)( but it's true)
university a wonder my day job is great
because it's... non-existent. nnnn tristan
and isolade or iso-sol wahtever it is
it inspires me to rock and roll like the skull on my back
the rose on my shoulder the dragon that crawls
up my leg. nnnn soooo unique
nnnnndo i have to leach off messages of peace?
annnnn if my life is just a squeak in a fabric
torn apart by fascists who know no art
let my veins bleed once more to gesture how
i will take no more, I'll twitter these views
until i die making up plays about robot slaves
foribelievethatiswhatweare (besides it sounds cool)
a-(and that's what I'm about really)-n life makes mean-(being cool)-ing full
for you let this be an education, i lay in misdirection
a permanent tennant to the house of creative masturbation.