Tuesday, 4 August 2009

cloud runner.

Run across clouds
to the end of sky
wont even chat skype
no need for hype: they're
lighter than me without you
a destination of complete blue
no excuse of a shadow to run to
it's meaningless empitness to thee
yet the sun blesses all that i see
while looking back on this jet
thinking about what i have left;
when jess said my life my best
walking her to the station
no doubt there was a picture
of a man feeling blessed
(but let us not dwell on the effect)
undress all worries for,,, floatability,
for security, no doubts: for flyability
release the ground-level stress
-if all i ever do
is run to endless blue
keep lightfeet fast past
even a broken sinew-
one final breath, one final rest
Now it's time to start running
now the weight loss is finally
going to be put to the test